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Australia's Leading Supplier of Outdoor & Patio Blinds

Outdoor patio and blinds are not just to protect the property, but it also makes the patio look beautiful. Thus to make the overall appearance look good and protected, choose the professional outdoor blinds and patio blinds at the best price. We supply top quality blinds and shutters all over Australia.
Select from our wide range of Solar powered patio blinds that operate with hard-wired motors, or can be operated manually with the adjustable industry-leading locking mechanism. We also supply Square or Round pelmets with affordable, sleek, fully enclosed head-boxes.

Transform Your Outdoor Patio with Top Quality Blinds

Outdoor patios can provide the most striking appeal to any property. Keep in mind before you select the right kind of outdoor patio blinds for your home.
At Sydney Wide Shutters, we provide patio blinds that instantly protect the external environment, including wind, rain and sun. Our blind and shutter screens are fully attached in their tracks while adjusting, and one needs to pull down the blind and push it securely into place. If you are looking for more increased privacy, our shutters are also available in 85%, 94% and 99% block-out fabrics. We have a turnaround time of 10 business days or less once your order has been placed. Want to transform your outdoor patio now with the cost that don’t increase your budget? Contact us today.

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    Why Sydney wide shutters?

    Fully Restrained in Tracks
    Sun Protection & Shading
    Breeze Control
    Bug and Pest Barrier
    Wide Range of Colour Choices
    Fully Restrained in Tracks
    85 94 & Block Out Fabrics
    Clear & Tinted PVC


    Outdoor Blind
    Outdoor Blind
    Outdoor Blind
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