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Manually Operated Roller Shutters

Our manually operated roller shutters are cost-effective; they require no motors, no electricity and act as extremely environmentally friendly shutters protecting your business or residential property.

Spring-loaded, Strap control, Winder control

Spring loaded Roller Shutters with bottom bar key lock


If you are looking to secure your openings, either for your storefronts, canteens, or bars, look no further than Sydneywide Shutters spring operated roller shutters. They provide added security for a wide range of business needs.

Our Spring loaded roller shutters are fitted with a spring right inside the axle and tensioned specifically to the required weight of the shutter, thereby enabling the operation of the shutter out in an easy and simple way.

The design offers a seamless motion in the closing and opening of the shutter, which is a simple process by pulling the curtain down via the handles and securing it in place with our key Lock Bottom Bar. Due to preferences, the key lock could either be facing outside the shutter –which is standard—or inside the shutter—which is the reverse.

Intermittently, we can supply Flat Locking Slat for different applications and in situations where the lock needs to be accessible at a certain point in the curtain and certainly above the Bottom Bar.

We can also offer other locking options where we can allow the customer to use their own padlocks and other padlocking locking offered by Sydneywide Shutters

Manual winder for Roller shutters

windercontrol2 windercontrol1

It can either be used with a cord or tape that run through the wall cavity, then to the internal face of the wall and the Winder Kit, and can be fixed close to the opening.

 The diversity offered by the winder box comes with vertical and horizontal installation by simply exchanging the hole cap and roller provided.

Strap control for Roller shutters


Strap Control is specifically used in situations where there are smaller openings and a lack of wall space. It offers a smooth appearance that encompasses a contemporary curve design perfect for your home improvement.

For both the casing and the internal mechanism, there is no denying the fact that high-quality materials are deployed. This presents a quick and reliable operation and has a finish of an attractive nature.

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