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Exterior Window Shutters

Many homes today have already installed exterior window shutters. If you are looking for one, then it would be a great addition for your house. Sydney Wide Shutters offers the best quality exterior window shutters for home and offices. The shutters that we offer are extremely decorative and functional. They make your home look even better after the installation. Based on your taste you can select your window shutter type from an extensive range of shutters we provide.

One of the exterior window shutters type is Colonial shutters. This window shutter is best for protecting your house from storms and blowing hurricanes. These shutters are made in four sections of panels that can be closed or opened to different degrees depending on the extent of privacy or light required. Next type of exterior window shutter is Bahamas shutters. This window shutter is also heavily customizable and functional like the other shutters. It opens up to 45 degrees or less. These exterior shutters are made of aluminum and provide storm protection.

If you want more solid shutters, then batten or board shutters are great options. These shutters follow joint board or separated board design and are made out of vinyl and cedar compounds. Based on your budget you can get the toughest or ordinary quality shutters for your house. Sydney Wide Shutters offers any of the exterior shutters at exciting prices. One can find inexpensive shutters in different colors at our website. Along with exterior window shutters, we also sell interior window shutters made of fiberglass or polyurethane plastics. These are great for protecting your privacy and stop the sun heat or chilly winds from entering the house.

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