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Electric Roller Shutters

Our electric roller shutters are automatically rolled up at the touch of a button installed on a wall or can be operated with remote control. High quality  motors are installed with high capacity to lift any weight of roller shutters. Installation process of electric roller shutters involves our experienced installer and a licenced electrician.

Electric roller shutters, especially made with a tiny motor-powered that opens & closes the shutters when you push the switch. The motor-powered may be supported by the electric supply or shutters may also be hooked to a solar panel for absolute energy efficiency. Electric types of window shutters are actually operated with the use of a slight remote control or panel that can be mounted anywhere inside the house. The prime benefit of this type of window shutter is that it is very convenient for home use. Homeowners can easily open and close them the way you want too using a push button, regardless of where they are situated.

Operation Choice for Electric Roller Shutters:

  • Wall Switch
  • Remote, Multi channel remote, Key ring remote
  • Wall switch + Remote
  • Key switch mainly use in Commercial shop
  • Battery Backup
  • Manual Override

All Electric remote operation uses radio frequency technology.

Our electric operation can be fitted with the Battery back up in case of power failure.

Up to 7 years replacement warranty on our Electric motors.

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