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Battery Operated Roller Shutters

eport_battery_motorsBattery operated roller shutters are new fresh and latest in the roller shutters technology. It is the roller shutters that is operated with a battery! These shutters are visually appealing, can be operated easily on the touch of a button.  It is a smarter and safer alternative because in case the electricity goes out your roller shutters will still be able to work as they are battery operated.

The battery system is very effective, it can be operated on the touch of a button, and it is cost effective option or choice when compared with other safety or security alternatives, our battery roller shutters install just perfectly and keep your property shut down from unnecessary noise, dangerous individuals and unwanted situations.

Each shutter comes with a low voltage wire or cable that has to be connected directly to the back of the wall plate or through the fixed switch that allows for power generation with the motor.

12Volts Battery MOTORS (Works in black out or power failure)

T SERIES by Ozroll 


Designed to work in line with Ozroll’s low voltage DC controllers, T-series motors are trusted and are the 12V motor types. Its operation is characterized by a smooth and quiet transition, which it is known internationally for, and also for reliability. It has a tool that helps in the setting of the  limits-both up and down– via progressive twist limit settings

 E-3WAY Battery Operated Roller Shutters

3_way_switch1 3_wayswitch


You can operate three Ozroll Drive systems separately from just one E-Port, and it is permitted by the E-3Way switch. The E-3Way receives power coming from the controller and subsequently transfers it to any of the three shutters, which is selected one at a time by the operator. In this case, the E-3Way switch acts as a circuit breaker.

For the operation of multiple shutters within close proximity—box  or bay window— this option is actually convenient and happens to be a cost-saving one too.

Looking at it from a general perspective, and for the most user friendly operation, it is important to have shutters designated 1-3 from left to right.

Take for example:

1 = left window

2 = middle window

3 = right window

On pressing the number that is in relation to the desired shutter, LED light up indicting a selection has been made and consequently, the shutter can be operated using E-Port. The selection has a 60 second validation period, and at this point, the E-3Way revert to the default shutter.

You can select the default shutter when you press and hold the preferred number 5 until you see the correlating LED flashes.

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