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Tested by CSIRO

Received Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) of 40

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Best Prices – Guaranteed

    Free Measure and Quote

    Roller Shutters and Plantation Shutters - Sydney wide service, call us today to book obligation free measure and quote.

    We offer supply, install and repair of all kinds of roller shutters, blackout shutters and plantation shutters for residential houses and commercial shops Sydney wide. Australian made aluminium shutters available in Profiles 36mm, 40mm, 42mm and 55mm and many colors to choose

    Roller Shutters material:

    • Aluminium shutters with Standard foam & high thickness
    • Aluminium with high density foam
    • Extruded aluminium shutters heavy duty  extra tough for optimum security

    We pride ourselves on quality workmanship, customer satisfaction, high quality parts, motors and accessories & competitive pricing

    Electric Roller Shutters

    Electric Roller Shutters

    Our electric shutters are automatically rolled up at the touch of a button installed on a wall or can be operated with remote control.

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    Battery Roller Shutters


    What is new fresh and latest in the roller shutters technology? It is the roller shutters that is operated with a battery! These shutters are visually appealing

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    Manually operated Roller


    Our manually operated roller shutters are cost effective; they require no motors, no electricity and act as extremely environmentally friendly shutters

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    Why Us?

    • Genuine Australian Made Shutters
    • High Quality Motors and parts
    • Slim Shutter Boxes
    • Installer with more than 10years Experience
    • Specialist for Roller Shutters
    • Free measure and quote on Premises to analyze what kind of roller shutter fits your needs best.
    • Optimum Customer service before and after.

    Why buy roller shutters?

    • Protecting your property from the threat of impostors, burglars and other security concerns
    • Privacy considerations
    • Enhances the appearance and design of your house
    • Less noise Infiltration, unwanted noise from outside is reduced by lowering the shutters
    • Improves energy efficiency, shutters help insulate the property better in extreme weather
    • Protect your property in extreme weather conditions both for heat and cold

    Our Work

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